Mike McEvoy


Change agent at startups as well as J&J as CIO/CTO and Adobe - responsible for Photoshop, Premiere, and After Effects. Previously CTO, CEO, and COO in Blockchain (Liquineq), mobile messaging (Cola, Scayl, and SView), IoT (Streetline), and Enterprise (Deem, Icarian, Confluent, ArborText)

Dan O’Shea

Commerce Strategy

Proven founder and investor building a multitude of highly successful businesses focused on commerce technology that have generated many hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

Kerry Brix

Business Development

Hybrid thinker that combines creativity with pragmatic business solutions. Focused on creating mutually beneficial business relationships with Global 2000 brands and leading digital agencies.

Leslie Spring

Chief Scientist

Developed the core NLP and voice technology, Previously a leader at companies including Electronic Arts, Disney, and Sony heading software development teams building graphics systems, and 3D game engines with several patents in content management systems and media services architectures.

Peter Thoeny


Founder of Liquineq and TWiki, a leading wiki for corporate. Managing the open-sourced project for over 10 years, Invented structured wikis. Recognized thought-leader in wikis and social software, featured in numerous articles and technology conferences including Business Week, Wall Street Journal and more.

Sal DiFazio

General Counsel

With more than 30 years, Sal is responsible for VoiceSell’slegal, IP, governance and other activities across the company’s operations. He has extensive experience assisting tech, Internet, and others with complex licensing issues, general contract issues, and corporate activities.